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Kevin Mullins is a highly acclaimed photographer renowned for his exceptional documentary and reportage-style photography.

Kevin is the primary photographer and filmmaker in the business.  

He has an insatiable appetite for documentary photography, and when he’s not photographing weddings, you can find him running workshops, mentoring, and presenting his work across the world.

You may be interested in Kevin’s personal monochrome project, his more technical website and his education offerings.

You can find Kevin on Instagram, YouTube and on his weekly Podcast. And for something very different, on his weekly Music Radio Show.

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Rosie Kelly

“One doesn’t stop seeing. One doesn’t stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and turn on. It’s on all the time.” – Annie Leibovitz

I feel very lucky to say I love my job! I’ve been in the world of photography for over 13 years now…and have loved every second of it. I grew up with my mum as a professional photographer, and she encouraged me from an early age to follow my creative dreams. I followed in her footsteps and studied Photography and Digital Imaging in 2005/2006, and came away with a distinction and The Birmingham Mayors Award. In my final year, I was amazed to be offered work experience with two top fashion photographers in New York, and awarded a Birmingham Rising Star award for business.
After winning a few more photography competitions, selling images to various commercial firms and exhibiting my work in private art galleries, I became a full time photographer for a global company for a number of years. Now I feel so lucky to run my own photography business, and I’m passionate about capturing people’s stories and beauty. And as Annie says, I never turn off. I love capturing the small moments. I love capturing the big moments. And this is something I will never tire of…

Richard Miller Photographer

I am a lover of adventure, a proud bearded Dad of two amazing daughters, and an avid fan of red wine and coffee (though not at the same time, of course!).

Nestled in a rural North Wales town, I live with my partner Jemma and our two daughters, Maddie and Eliza. Since 2012, I’ve been capturing weddings through my lens, and I’ve developed a unique style that is sure to give you timeless and candid photos that will stand the test of time.

But let me tell you a little secret: wedding photography isn’t just about making sure your day looks good (though that’s definitely important!). It’s about capturing the essence of your special day and all the emotions that come with it. I want your photos to make you feel something every time you look back on them, and that’s why it’s so important to me that we get them just right.

With my award-winning candid photography style, I strive to capture natural, authentic, and joyful moments that will make you feel like you’re reliving your wedding day every time you look at your photos. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about posing or fake smiles – just be yourself and have fun, and I’ll be there to capture all the magic at just the right time.


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A unique team, with a shared approach to wedding photography.


For over a decade, James has developed an approach to wedding photography that enables him to document your day in a way that feels natural. Photographing a wedding is so much more than having a camera and technical know-how! It’s being able to blend in with your family and friends, so you almost forget you’re being photographed at all. Achieving this means your wedding day is photographed in a professional yet relaxed way. Above anything else, it should be enjoyable for you and your guests.

James has mentored dozens of photographers over the years, through all aspects of running a successful photography business. The most important skill to pass on, however, is how to integrate into the day seamlessly and make everyone around you comfortable in front of the camera. After all, being photographed isn’t a typical day-to-day experience for most of us!

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Che Birch-Hayes Photography

My name is Che Birch-Hayes. I’m originally from the North of England but I now live happily in the beautiful county of Herefordshire with my wife Becky and my little family.

I’ve been a photographer for 8 years but a creative all my life. If you would like to view my images then either head over to my wedding blog or my wedding portfolio

I have eclectic tastes and interests. Growing up, I loved to draw, write, and take part in anything that fuelled my imagination.

I love a good film. I can talk for hours about how I love the cinematography of Wally Pfisters work, but I can easily sit back and enjoy a cheesy popcorn action blockbuster. If you want to check out a little bit more of how geeky I am, check out my personal stuff on my blog.

I love the outdoors. Every year I make my own personal pilgrimage to Three Cliffs Bay, Gower. The idea of walking for a few hours then setting up my camera and just enjoying the moment, tired, waiting for the weather to change and capture the light is brilliant.

I studied Music production at university so my passion for music ranges from downtempo electronic music (Album Leaf, Leftfield) through to indie and EDM. During my time at university, I bought my first digital camera and this is where I started my “real” work. I still love music and everything else and in many ways it all still inspires me, but I always just dipped my toe in, had a go at, just experimented……

…..With photography I found a place where I can find and capture inspiration as well as show it off all at the same time.